We met on Craigslist. Will was moving out and Zach and Jon wrote a housing ad. Luckily Jon and Zach make a good (and funny!) writing team (though our title-writing skills are poor). Here is that CL ad:

2 cool guys seek awesome housemate for 3 room Mt. Pleasant rowhouse.
Some things take a long time to find — the perfect job, a soulmate, an affordable convenient place to live in DC tucked away in a tree lined street in an otherwise bustling part of town, etc. Fortunately, we’ve got one of them covered:

the house:
3 bedroom, 1 bathroom rowhouse in Mt. Pleasant
Quiet street, good neighborhood feel
In house laundry, front porch, fully furnished kitchen, living room,
dining room. . . .

The housemates:
We are in our mid-20s. Zach works for a labor union, Jon works in environmental regulation. Jon can often be found making music. Zach spends a lot of time on a bike and playing ultimate. We are both actively involved in the young progressive Jewish community. Though we lead somewhat different lives, we both see our house as more than just a place to sleep.
We aim to keep the house clean as part of daily life — we don’t leave dishes out or in the sink overnight and would ask that you do the same. In addition we do house cleanings every 3 weeks.
The kitchen is vegetarian (fish allowed), though its fine to bring home takeout that contains meat. Currently, we share the cost of cooking staples and household supplies and purchase stuff individually beyond this. Though we have a preference for some level of shared purchasing, we would be comfortable with a variety of systems.

shared living:
We hope we’ll all occasionally spend time together. At a minimum though, you should be prepared to take an active role in making our shared living situation work. We try to be in communication about anything that might significantly affect one another — having guests stay over, and whatnot.
Life at our house varies a lot. Some evenings we’re all home and might cook a meal together or watch some TV. Other evenings we barely make it back in time to go to bed. Sometimes you’ll have the house to yourself. Other nights one of us might host a get-together, sometimes with a handful of people, and occasionally (generally once every couple of months) with dozens upon dozens of good folks. We’re not big drinkers, but will occasionally relax over a beer, cocktail, or hookah.

basics: roughly in the same stage of life as us, open-minded, neat but not uptight about it. We have no gender preference.
perks: sense of humor, ultimate frisbee playing, musician, progressive, speedboat, ninja skills, masseuse certification, etc.

E-mail if you’re interested. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re looking for, in housing, or in life (its a sweet room in a great neighborhood, I bet you can do better than a one-liner). We look forward to hearing from you!


We are very thankful to all of you for supporting us in so many ways as we clarified our vision for a life together.


9 responses

2 02 2010
elyse and lou levene

with a CL ad boasting ninja skills as perks, how could anyone turn that down???

2 02 2010

Well, do we get to read Becca’s response to the ad, that sold you on her? Love to you all, cannot wait to see all the planning come together in glorious celebration. Ima

3 02 2010

let’s be clear here folks. had Rob Levy not asked Zach to move into 1759 in the first place, and then not moved out a year and a half later, Will would never have moved in, and then moved out, and then the craigslist ad and… (something about a cat and goat and two zuzim)

3 02 2010

Seriously amazing story!!! I really hope I can make it…
And yes I echo Betsy — we would all love to see Becca’s CL response!

3 02 2010

@Rob Totally right, man. Had Kavitha not sold me on subleting from her, had Jacob not moved out, had you not offered me the room after Jacob moved out…

3 02 2010

@Betsy I’ll ask her.

3 02 2010

Apologies to all interested parties. Turns out the response is classified.

3 02 2010
abby bellows

yay love! such a fabulous ad, and does becca have her winning response? gmail doesn’t delete anything… excited to dance with you! and if you have a gift request from india, do let me know. love abby

4 02 2010

Wait, does this mean Becca has ninja skills? SWEET!

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