This section should eventually have some of the video shot by Rich Law. For now, please enjoy this video created by Becca’s college housemates Steven and Hanni for the open mic on Saturday night:

Becca and Zach by Steven and Hanni

By popular request, here is Nomi’s toast:

Zach, Zach, Zach. My big brother. As kids being your little sister forced me to learn to talk back and stand up for myself. You weren’t just plain old mean to me like other big brothers. Rather, you created complex systems of fairness and then subtly manipulated them. It was good training for me.

As adults, I can forget all those skills I learned, because you are my ally. We are each other’s biggest fans, and we always will be. Watching you over the years with the careful attention of a younger sibling has been mesmerizing. You have flourished more and more, and you continue to become a better and better version of yourself . These days, when I watch you move through the world, I see a passionate advocate for justice; a fiercely caring and loyal friend; a talented community builder; and an endlessly, energetically, funny person.

Which brings me to recent events. Becca, shortly after you joined Zach and Jon’s house following a very successful (and now famous) Craig’s List ad, my parents happened to visit. I hadn’t seen Zach for a few months so I was eager to hear about how he was doing. When I got my parents on the phone, however, it was impossible to get them to tell me anything about Zach. All they could talk about was his new housemate who was not only smart and vivacious, gorgeous and funny, but also, I found out as I prodded them for information about ANYTHING relating to Zach, loved gardening and books, was from New Jersey, went to Oberlin and so on and so on. Wow.

Apparently my parents weren’t the only ones who noticed that you were dazzling. Before I knew it, you two were a couple. Zach, I have to say I was proud.

Watching your relationship unfold has been an endless source of joy for me, and it seems like a few other people feel the same way... Although I already knew that the two of you had a lot in common and really liked each other, to be honest I think it was the first time I saw you resolve a conflict that I knew you were really b’shert. You so clearly cared more about actually understanding where the other one was coming from than about being “right.” Knowing the two of you, it comes from a profound respect and admiration that you hold for one another. I have full faith that you will maintain this quality for the rest of your lives.

Ok, so I already knew it was b’shert. But did you? One day I got a thrilling phone call. Zach, you were ready to start talking about proposals. You wanted it to be special and memorable, and perfectly suited to who Becca is. We thought and thought, and hatched all kinds of schemes, from hiding a ring in a latke and giving it at chanukkah time to placing it on a statue in the woods and hiking there. I didn’t hear any more about it until after the engagement was announced. I, the eager younger sister, couldn’t wait to hear the “story!”  Zach, you told me that you had decided that the point was not putting on a show for her, for Becca. The point was spending the rest of your lives together. So you just casually asked her in the kitchen one day. And you (point to becca) just casually said yes. You as a couple just instinctively get what matters, and I watch you and aspire to that. Your vision for your life is full of the romance that comes from finding beauty in simplicity. It is breathtaking.

Becca, it is such a blessing that Zach found you. You love him not in spite of of his over-the-top-ness but BECAUSE of it, you support him and teach him, you check his facts but never limit him, you laugh at his jokes and make him laugh from his core. You, Becca, are elegant and perceptive and clearheaded. You care about family and community and song and social justice just as much as Zach does. I am so very very honored and deeply excited to call you my sister. Zach, you are a lucky man. And Becca, you are a very lucky woman.

In fact, our whole family is lucky. Thank you, Z, for bringing us not only Becca but the whole Resnick-Rosen clan. From the first time I met you guys and realized with a shock that Zach was not the loudest person in the room, I knew it was going to be a fun ride. The delight of getting to know you all over the last few years have made my parents and me so excited to know that we will spend the rest of our lives growing together as one family.

Let’s raise our glasses to Zach and Becca. May your life together be full of giving and taking, generous forgiving, deep joy, deep laughter, and deep love. May you gain in wisdom as you gain in years, and know that I, and so many others in this room, are here to help you along the way. I love you both. L’chaim!


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2 02 2010
Sue Resnick

this is awesome!


2 02 2010
Sue Resnick

ps – not sure how this all works – i meant the whole website, not the logistics page in particular! : )

2 02 2010
sherry migdail

If a Resnik is in need of a bed – we are here. Let us know.
sherry and carl

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